Below are some of the amazing startups we have the privledge to work with.

Bia is first iconic fitness platform built on data and women. Bia enables new athletic firsts and healthy habits for lifelong fitness.

What does KVP see in bia?

Passion. Bia's CEO is the personification of her target market. Cheryl Kellond saw an underserved market for female athletes and is building the fitness platform that this market has always wanted and never had.

Blossom Coffee is dedicated to better coffee brewing through technology. Blossom believes that it takes science, engineering, and art to brew a cup of insanely great coffee, and in doing so, they will change the entire coffee ecosystem.


First and foremost, a passionate founder and team. Jeremy Kuempel exudes passion about coffee and advancing the science and art of brewing. We're also excited to see the impact of capturing rich data around the brewing process and how that can fundamentally change the coffee ecosystem.

lean labs logo.png

Lean Labs is creating breakthrough digital therapeutics for metabolic syndrome. These lifestyle interventions produce lasting change & dramatically reduce risk of chronic diseases.

What does KVP see in Lean Labs?

Lean Labs fundamentally changes people's lives and health. This was an opportunity to invest in a world class CEO who we trust will positively impact the lives of millions over time.



Loyakk is the next generation mobile engagement platform, seamlessly integrated national and local brand, messaging, content, and services.

hat does KVP see in loyakk?

We saw the classic combination of a strong, experienced management team and a startup targeting an under-served market. We love CEOs and founding teams who have proven they can find, focus on, and deliver great solutions.

Remitly is the emerging online remittance services that allows immigrants in the U.S. to send money home faster and cheaper than ever before.

What does KVP see in Remitly?

We saw a focused, experience management team that is radically improving the efficiency of a large and under-served market. Classic business opportunity! 

Romotive builds smartphone robots that can be controlled from any smart device anywhere in the world. Their ultimate goal is to build robots that are intuitive enough for normal people to use and cheap enough for normal people to afford.

What does KVP see in Romotive?

Not only did we see a hyper-intelligent founding team, but the intuitive decision to focus on the robotics and software developer community. Making the robot's brains be a smartphone was brilliant.

shopventory logo.png

Shopventory is a new and innovative cloud-based inventory management and business intelligence platform for medium to small size businesses. 

What does KVP see in Shopventory?

Small business owners want to focus on their business and their customers, not the nuts and bolts of inventory, SKU performance, and sales efficiency. We love that Shopventory's experienced CEO focused on the most primal pain points for businesses.

Never watch sports alone! is an amazing startup bringing together friends around the world to watch and enjoy sports in a social setting.

What does KVP see in was the first connected TV application  that we believe changes the game ;-) The CEO is an experienced startup leader and is passionate about delivering an amazing solution that delights sports fans.

Vanilla Forums is the leading commercial and open source community forum solution. Vanilla has already been adopted by hundreds of thousands of sites, including companies like O'Reilly Media, Rackspace, Mozilla, and many more.

What does KVP see in Vanilla?

We saw a great founding team that understood the actual needs of brands, companies, and individuals who need to build and support communities.

Zekira logo.png

Zekira, a startup composed of Silicon Valley veterans who are passionate about fighting information overload. Zekira helps you recall the context around half-remembered things.

What does KVP see in Zekira?

First and foremost, a seasoned founding team whose passion about their market segment is immense. We also see an underserved opportunity in terms of instant information recall for business professionals.

Some of our portfolio partners have been acquired, joining forces to extend their reach and impact.

shelfari logo.png

Shelfari was acquired by Amazon in 2008.

Shelfari was a social networking site for book lovers. 

tapme logo.png

TapMe was acquired by Media Math in December 2012. was a mobile in-game advertising platform solution.

zoodles logo.png

Zoodles joined the HTC family in October 2011.

Zoodles is an amazing consumer solution dedicated to safely entertaining and educating young children online. 

Klein Venture Partners is linked to other venture firms through its management partners

better vc logo.png

Better Ventures provides funding and support to technology startups building innovative solutions to big and important problems, from work and education to health and sustainability.

Lemnos Labs is an early stage hardware investment fund and incubator based in San Francisco.

Others in our portfolio strived but did not achieve their complete vision

lootworks logo.png

LootWorks was a small group of experienced game developers making fun synonymous with social gaming. Epic Swords 2, their first game, is still available on the Android platform through the Google Play Store.