Klein Venture Partners advises for a small, qualified set of startups beyond those we invest in. Our advisory focus areas are:

  • Product; focused on feature set definition and early stage product engineering 
  • Market; inclusive of segmentation, competitive analysis, and positioning
  • Scale; how to grow from zero to millions of users with solutions including hardware, software, and services.

We've navigated our own startups through this process, shipped world class consumer products through Fortune 500 companies, and helped our portfolio partners do the same thing. Our commitment as adviser is one we take seriously, and the time commitment we make infers that we only do this for a very limited set of amazing companies.


Two principles guide our investments:

  1. Quality over quantity
  2. Our knowledge and experience is as valuable as our investment

These principles limit the number of active investments Klein Venture Partners has at any time. Our investments are focused almost exclusively on early stage consumer, enterprise, entertainment, and media startups. We have the experience, expertise, and passion to help startups whose solutions include hardware for these markets.

Our involvement with startups can be characterized as early and active. We rarely invest "naked" money with a partner; our investments come with the commitment and desire to help our partners creating amazing solutions and deliver them to consumers. Again, our knowledge and experience are as valuable to entrepreneurs as the angel investment we make.

How to contact us

To submit a business proposal to Klein Venture Partners for angel funding or to discuss having Klein Venture Partners be a valued adviser to your startup, please email us at